Let’s Virtualize and Move Everything to the Cloud!

by Gustavo Gonzalez, CTO

Technology moves fast. When we started talking about the “Cloud”, 6-7 years ago, it was very much rocket science and only applicable to some organizations.

Over the years its adoption has increased, changing the paradigm on how we see storage, access to applications and some other items most people don’t see, such as platform and computer services.


I personally like Gartner’s definition of Cloud: “The set of disciplines, technologies, and business models used to deliver IT capabilities (software, platforms, and infrastructure) as an on-demand, scalable, elastic service”.

Know Your BI Tool: Your Questions on Qlik and Tableau Answered

Qlik Tableau
Last week we had our webcast “Best Strategies for BI: Unleashing the power of Real-time Analytics”, where we dived into the world of Qlik and Tableau, two revolutionary BI tools that can change the way any organization leverages data. If you missed it, you can always download the recording here.

We had some interesting questions from the audience, so today we’re bringing you the transcript.

I liked your demos. How can I implement those solutions on top of my E-Business Suite Applications?
Implementing these self-service BI tools is very simple. A typical implementation projects include a first phase where your project goals are defined, and the information available your database related to the goals you wish to achieve is mapped from the BI tool.

4 Keys to Building a Successful Training Program for Your Sales Team

Training for Sales Teams
Sales are often considered the life force of an organization and are also the main target for continuous training programs. But how can you ensure that the time and budget invested in those training programs are providing the expected results?

Today we bring you the top four challenges managers face when training their sales teams, and how to overcome those challenges and ensure a high ROI.

Challenge 1: Turnover
Whether your organization is downsizing, leveling out or growing, turnover is an ever present challenge that managers need to prepare for.

How to Face Oracle Discoverer De-Support

Oracle’s Discoverer has been a vital reporting tool for years, allowing non-technical users to access information from data warehouses and transposing it into a useful and customized report. Although the tool is an essential component to running an effective business, there are many limitations to relying on Discoverer in 2015.

The last update to Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer product was R11. in 2013 which only provided bug fixes and no major features.  Premier support of Discover ended in June of 2014 and Extended Support ends in June of 2017.

A Few Questions on Oracle EBS Mobile Apps

Oracle EBS Mobile
Last week we had our very successful webcast: “5 Oracle EBS Mobile Apps that Change the Way You Work”, and we had more questions than we had time to answer live.

Today we bring you the transcript and extra answers of the Q&A session. If you missed the webcast and would like to get a copy of the presentation and recording, click here.

Do you require the core eBiz applications for the mobile apps to work?
Yes, it is mandatory to have an E-Business Suite module for the applications to run.

What core application do you require for 'Field Services' to function on mobile?
You require Oracle Field Service (or formerly known as Service online).