Maximize Your ROI with UPK's Knowledge Center - QA Session

User Productivity Kit
This week we had our webcast:  Maximize your ROI with UPK's Knowledge Center. Today we’re bringing you a transcript of the Q&A session that followed the presentation. If you missed the webcast and would like to download the presentation, click here.

Are the names of the headings customizable?
Yes, the headings are fully customizable; you can do so by specifying directly in the field.

Is there a quick way to migrate current training content from various software platforms into UPK? ie. Microsoft Word
Yes, there are couple of different tools within UPK that can help with this, one being packages, they are documents in the UPK developer that host external content, ie. PDFs, MP4s, PPTs, etc. you can embed these external content to concept pages or introduction pages to enhance your topics.

Top Questions on 3 B’s of Testing Answered!

Our webcast “The 3 B's of Testing: Basics, Best Practices and Best Strategies” was held last week and it brought out many questions about testing best practices and strategies. Today we bring you the QA session transcript and the answers by our experts.

How long does it take to build a Testing Center of Excellence?
Well, for a Testing Center of Excellence you have to walk before you can run. So you have two options:  you can build it internally or you can outsource it. Many organizations, like recently State Farm in Indiana and Illinois choose to outsource this function. This was a service center of nearly a thousand people, huge effort. This project took a year and a half to stand up, and about six more months to stabilize.

Simplifique la contabilidad con Oracle Subledger Accounting - Preguntas

SubLedger Accounting
La semana pasada ofrecimos el webcast en español: ¿Cómo simplificar tu contabilidad con Subledger Accounting (SLA)? En tanto tuvimos muchos asistentes que realizaron preguntas y no pudimos responder todas en vivo, hoy les traemos la transcripción de las respuestas que quedaron pendientes. Si no pudo asistir al webcast y desea descargar una grabación, obténgala aquí.

¿El módulo de GL tiene algún  reporte o concurrent program que me pueda dar el detalle de transacciones por Modulo dado una cuenta GL ingresada  (es decir un drilldown)?
Cuando se genera el proceso Create Accounting , desde cada uno de los diferentes módulos se genera un reporte donde se muestra el detalle de cada uno de los movimientos contables. Allí se muestran los tipos de eventos, números de documentos que se están transfiriendo, cuántos se procesaron y cuántos terminan con error y el detalle de los movimientos asociados.

Understanding Business Culture in China: a Guide for Entrepreneurs and Investors

China boasts one of the world’s largest and most attractive economies, and the progressive opening of its market to international investment is luring all sorts of foreign capitals to this ancient land. However, due to cultural differences, western businessmen often run into difficulties when attempting to do business in China.

IT Convergence has extensive experience partnering with global companies operating in China, and has helped numerous multinationals successfully implement Oracle E-Business Suite in the country. Today we bring you the top five business culture differences to take into account, based on our project experience:

1) First Impression is Important
Don’t overlook the importance of the first impression. In western culture a bad first impression can be quickly overcome, while negative images can last for a long time in China, and even ruin business deals. First impressions are based on etiquette and greeting rituals that vary greatly between the two countries. The initial effort when conducting a business meeting is 80-90% focused on establishing a pleasant relation with the client, rather than sticking strictly to business.

What is UPK’s Knowledge Center and Why You Need to Know

UPK Knowledge Center
Knowledge center is Oracle User Productivity Kit’s prepackaged Learning Management System and it’s arguably the tool’s most valuable & overlooked component.

While everyone may know of Knowledge Center as the place to deploy all UPK Content to, there are many lesser known uses and features that not all of the UPK users are aware of, such as prescriptive learning paths, advanced usage tracking, custom reporting and leveraging manual testing and tracking testing results.

Through use of the standard and customized reporting functions in Knowledge Center, managers can quickly gain access to a wealth of insight into end user performance, content usage and so on. By utilizing the Knowledge Center content controls, managers can also prescribe content to specific workgroups, and even create options for end users to test out of courses. Among other key features and benefits are: