Expanding into China with Oracle E-Business Suite: 5 Questions Answered

EBS R12 for China
Last week we had our webcast: "Oracle EBS R12: The Key to a Successful China Expansion" and today we bring you the Q&A transcript. If you missed the webcast and would like to go over the recording, click here.

Are we required to implement MLS if we’re rolling out Oracle in China?
MLS itself is not mandatory; though  it can be an asset when it comes to inputting. We also have alternate solutions, ITC has helped some customers implement the localization solution without installing Oracle MLS. However, we have alternate solutions to implement UTF8, or Unicode Transformation Format. IT Convergence provides MLS and non-MLS solutions to our customers, though from our experience, we've found the vast majority choose to go with a MLS solution.

To Automate or Not to Automate? Part I

Manual or Automated Testing
That is the question. Automated testing is a topic of interest for many organizations. The promised benefits of automated testing - reduced costs and greater scalability, to name a few - are enticing.  But, do you have the information you need to decide whether automated testing is a fit for your organization?  More importantly, are you asking the right questions?

Within this discussion, we will draw on our observations as a systems integrator working in the trenches with customers across the globe. Whether we are helping customers implement Oracle systems in Latin America, Asia-Pac, or some other part of the world, within this context, time is a scarce commodity and accuracy is of the utmost importance; discovering unexpected issues with a corporate system late in a project is a scenario that no one wants to contemplate. We also draw on our experience as a provider of private cloud and managed services. Many of our cloud and managed services customers have 24x7 business operations, driven by a distributed user base spanning the globe. IT Convergence (ITC) is managing and supporting their systems, including both OOB functionality and customizations/extensions that customers have built over time to meet their unique business requirements. To provide the stability and performance these customers demand, ITC must carefully consider the approach to testing routine patches as well as enhancements. With this background in mind, we propose that an evaluation of automated testing should, at a minimum, touch on the following key considerations:

1) What’s at stake?
2) The present state of affairs
3) Budget
4) Organizational readiness       

Demystifying Software Testing Myths

Software testing is as important as software  development. Maintaining product quality requires constant testing and top notch quality measures. All of us know that a bug can not only cost millions of dollars, but also loss of reputation and any written program or software is bound to contain a few errors.

This is where proper planning and testing come into play – by helping us identify the root cause of the error to prevent it, finding defects before the system gets to production and providing us with process and control procedures. However, the first thought that many individuals and organizations have about testing are: 
  • Testing is time-consuming
  • Testing is complex
  • Testing is nice to have, but not necessary
What does this lead to? 

What Nobody Told You about Knowledge Retention

Studies have shown that users who are not given proper training can take up to four times longer to become proficient at new job tasks, and require six times more support. However, few organizations are fully aware of the high toll Knowledge Retention takes on productivity. Today our experts have set out to remediate this by sharing some hard facts on a data sheet. 

Sobrevivir al Fin de Discoverer, Parte1: CloudIO Reporting Workcenter

CloudIO Reporting Workcenter
La semana pasada tuvimos nuestro primer webcast de la serie "5 Maneras de Sobrevivir al Fin de Discoverer", que se centró en recurrir a la opción de Cloudio Reporting WorkCenter. Hoy les traemos una transcripción de la sesión de preguntas y respuestas que siguió a la presentación, así como las preguntas que quedaron sin responder por falta de tiempo. Si desea obtener una copia de la grabación del webcast, haga click aquí.

¿Se trabaja con algún concepto similar a business area de Discoverer incorporando custom folders sobre E-Business Suite?
El concepto es similar al de manejar los sources. Dentro de CloudIO se define sources, y allí crea todos los conectores. Estos conectores son los que, desde el punto de vista técnico, hacen los joins en los SQL.